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Monthly Archives: April 2020

    7 Tips for Decorating a Living Room

    By Keith Degnan | April 28, 2020

    The living room is generally one of the largest rooms in your home, as well as one of the first that people see when they come over. It can also be one of the trickiest rooms to decorate. Decorating a living room, like decorating any room in your home, requires that you instill balance and... Read More

    How To Start a Flower Garden

    By Keith Degnan | April 24, 2020

    Do you dream of having your own flower garden? Flowers add color and dimension to your landscaping, and a major boost to your curb appeal, too. They’re also easier to get going with than you might think. Gardening is a skill like any other—and you’ll definitely put your green thumb to work—but with some TLC,... Read More

    5 Tips for Sanitizing Your Things During a Move

    By Keith Degnan | April 16, 2020

    Moving during the Coronavirus pandemic? Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours showering all of your household belongings in Purell in order to avoid catching the virus. In fact, preventing the spread of viral infections is something that can easily be done in seconds with the right sanitation methods and common-sense precautions. According to the... Read More

    Mortgage Refinance 101: What It Is and When You Should Do It

    By Keith Degnan | April 9, 2020

    Whenever I’ve complained about my mortgage interest rate my mom has reminded me that when she and my dad bought their first house their interest rate was 16%—a far cry above today’s average mortgage rates. When they eventually refinanced to 7%, she said, it was like bringing in an additional income every month. And while... Read More