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5 Storage Solutions That Are Both Functional and Fashionable

Toys falling out of the toy chest, clothes popping out of your closet, kitchen appliances scattered across the countertops – is your house overstuffed? I know it’s hard to admit, but we all have some level of hoarding that we don’t like to acknowledge. Those old photos and vintage clothes in your basement attic are considered memories, right?

Well, The Degnan Group is here to help! Run away from those giant plastic storage bins that are large enough to fit endless amounts of stuff as if it were Mary Poppins’ suitcase and open up your eyes to new storage techniques. A major plus? Not only will these storage solutions guarantee you more space in your house, but they also are great ways to spruce up your decorating.

Storage For Your Stylish Sweaters

Sweaters are big offenders when it comes to taking up a lot of closet space. Although they’re stylish and a necessity in the cold winter months, they’re quite bulky and are difficult to store since it’s not customary to hang them. Instead of keeping them in folded mounds in your closet, invest in cute sweater boxes that act as statement furniture pieces. Be forewarned, all your friends will ask, “where’d you get those?”

Try this one 

Tidy-Up Your Desk

The typical desk is a landing strip for all things clutter. From junk mail, folding laundry, to occasionally working, desktops are the hot spot for it all. With pens and papers and notes tossed every which way, it’s important to invest in pieces that gives each office item a home of its own. Not sure where to begin? Begin with adding this decorative box. It’s the perfect spot to hide all your little knick-knacks.

Toys Tucked Away

As a parent, the holiday season means school vacation for the kids, and toys are thrown throughout the household. Plush teddy bears, gadgets and plastic cars about, toys are one of the top offenders of chaos and mess in the household. As a fun way to get your kids on board, buy a big toy chest as a place where all the toys live. Teach your kids to always put their toys away in their “home”, and your house will look brand new again. An added bonus? This unique chest is super stylish.

A Nightstand For All

We bring a lot of things to bed. Not only our phones but books, glasses of water, phone chargers, glasses, iPads – you name it, it’s on the nightstand. Do you inevitably knock your water glass over or misplace something on the ground? Me too. But there’s a solution! Hide your bedroom essentials with a convenient caddy on the side of your bed. Simply slip the caddy under your mattress and it’s ready to go!

Makeover Your Vanity

It’s easy to buy too many cosmetics, face masks, brushes and makeup – a habit many women suffer from. There’s a simple solution for all these products! A sleek, acrylic modular organizer allows you to perfectly organize all your products while also still being visible on the outside for ease of use. With drawers and trays, all of your products will have a spot to live.

No matter how you decide to reorganize and store your things, this list from The Degnan Group has something for everyone! If you ever have any questions, call us at (419) 345-7808 .

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