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6 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When decorating a new home or updating your current one, there are important style tips many aren’t aware of unless they’re seasoned interior decorators or have access to the inside scoop. Although they may seem simple, it’s easy to forget the little hacks that bring your home decor to another level. Whether it’s storage, organization, or lack of light, avoid these 6 decorating mistakes and learn how to fix them.

Problem: Cluttered Kitchen

The heart of the home, kitchens are a large source of mess as it’s the hub of family activities and cooking delicious meals. But sometimes those messes get a little out of hand as plates pile up and the counter overcrowds.

Solution: Minimize the Mess

Make it a priority to stay on top of dirty dishes by teaching your family to always clean up right after meals. Limit the number of appliances on the counter and keep them stored away in cabinets.

Problem: No Natural Light

Unfortunately, not all homes have great natural lighting. Whether there are too few lamps or not enough overhead lights, a dark home feels a bit cramped.

Solution: Light It Up

Brighten your space by adding a few different types of lighting. From table lamps to floor lamps, adding light to your home illuminates it and creates a warmer, happier environment.

Problem: Kids’ Toys Fiasco

If you have a young family, toys strewn across the house is an inevitable reality we must conquer. Instead of letting the kids toys and games take over, give them a special home in the house.

Solution: Declutter the Toys

Tidy up the toys by investing in toy chests and drawers that are easily accessible to your kids. This helps declutter your home and also helps teach kids how to clean up after themselves.

Problem: Overstuffing the Garage

Throwing everything that doesn’t have space in your home into the garage is an easy, quick fix. But to keep up the aesthetic and value of your home, keep it organized.

Solution: Repurpose the Space

Garages aren’t a space just for cars, but can also be used as a storage system by installing shelves, hooks, and bins to keep things organized. The additional space is great for families who need the extra room.

Problem: No Plants Inside

Does your space look a bit drab and lacking some green accents? Your home may feel a bit stuffy without a plant or two.

Solution: Bring the Outdoors, In

Invest in some easy-to-care-for plants from your local gardening shop that will bring your home to life. Not only do pants add another dimension, but they also help clear toxins from the air.

Problem: Covering A/C Vents

If it’s feeling too warm or too cold in your home, check to see if your furniture if blocking the air ducts.

Solution: Plan Around the Air

Source all the air vents in the room and arrange your furniture and decorations around those areas to keep maximum air flow.

As we edge closer to summer, the real estate market is picking up so it’s important to keep your home looking good to attract buyers! With the help of The Degnan Group, we’ll help find or sell your home to create long-lasting memories that will stand the test of time. Contact us today at (419) 345-7808 to get started.

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