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6 Open House Ideas That Will Get You Leads

Open houses have been an integral part of the real estate market for decades. I mean, who doesn’t love the opportunity to explore a stranger’s house and comment on all the things that could be changed or updated. Or finding that perfect house that just feels right. It’s a bizarre concept opening your doors for people to explore your personal life, however, a necessary way to improve the chances of selling your home, and fast.

Although some real estate agents believe the world of open houses is a vintage concept, there are clever ways to make your open houses stand out a bit more. We’re not suggesting throwing a massive party, but check out these 6 tips on how to get more people walking through the door and signing the dotted line.

1. Download an App

How many times have you been forced to write down your name with a pen and paper, only to scribble some illegible mess that real estate agents have a difficult time reading? Ditch the pen and paper and upgrade to Spacio — a HomeSpotter app that allows agents the ability to have people sign in to open houses on an easy-to-use tablet. Potential home buyers information is instantly organized in your CRM which easily enables you to follow-up.

2. Virtually Stage Your Home

It sounds like a futuristic concept, but it’s possible to show potential home buyers images of rooms decorated for different uses. Since most people have a hard time visualizing an empty room or a house full of someone else’s furniture, invest in a visual stager to produce enhanced images that will make your photos pop.

3. Skip the Alcohol

Open houses aren’t supposed to be filled with alcohol and loud music. This isn’t a house party, right? Skip the alcohol and offer up delightful beverages that potential home buyers can enjoy as they tour the home.

4. Invite the Neighbors

Want to give potential home buyers a first-hand perspective of what it’s like to live in the neighborhood? Invite the neighbors! Create custom door hangers inviting the neighbors a few days before the open house to pique their interest and get them through the door.

5. Use Social Media

Let’s face it, everyone is enamored by social media these days. Are you active on Instagram or Facebook? Utilize those platforms and create stories during your open house. Don’t forget to add a “swipe up” link that directs the viewers directly to the listing!

6. Hold a Raffle

Who doesn’t love a good raffle? If you want to be known in the real estate business, you have to stand out. From raffling off gift cards to a Google Home, encourage potential home buyers to sign-up for your raffle by including their name, phone number, and emails. It’s also a good way to get potential client’s information!

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