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8 Super Fun Summer Activities For Kids

As we close in on the end of the summer season, it’s important to utilize the longer days and time spent with our kids before they head back to school in the fall. That means bring on the fun summer activities and get outdoors! Sunny days, ice cream, swimming, and playing. Pack up a bag of snacks and refreshing drinks and enjoy the last few weeks of summer! But let’s do it on a budget, shall we? Enjoy these 8 simple ideas for summer fun:

1. Go on a bug hunt

Give your kids magnifying glasses and embark on a bug hunt! To add an educational twist, equip them with a journal and pencil for note-taking. There are an endless amount of summer bugs to count. Once they’ve finished their exploration, head to the library to check out some books on the bugs! Their findings will be fascinating. If your kids don’t like bugs, try it with plants!

2. Create a rock mosaic frame

Take a long walk with your kids to gather rocks for your mosaic. If you don’t have rocks nearby, a gardening store will have what you need! Once you’ve collected your materials, arrange your rocks in an ideal formation. Using glue, stick the rocks onto your plain frame and ta-da, you have a rock mosaic frame!

3. Go to the beach or lake

Who doesn’t love playing in the sand by the water? Equipped with sunscreen, towels, snacks, and floaties, bring your little ones for a day in the sun. If you don’t live near a lake, make your own summer fun and invest in two small swimming pool — one filled with sand and one filled with water. There you have it, your own private beach.

4. Visit a foreign country

From the comfort of your own home that is! Let’s face it, international travel is expensive, but it’s possible to experience the sights and sounds on a budget. If you have a globe, have your kids spin it and stop it on a random country. Or if you have an atlas, open up to a random page and then do research on the selected country. Maybe one day you’ll see those places in person.

5. Build a playhouse

If you have the tools to create a treehouse or backyard playhouse, get building! It’s also possible to use your imagination by using blankets and cardboard to create a playhouse indoors. Check your local store for easy-to-build materials!

6. Make a time capsule and bury it

Time capsules are an excellent way to preserve memories and treasures. Have your kids put in their favorite memento or small notes of current events, and bury it in your back yard. Make sure to write a detailed map of its location so when you dig it up a few years later, it won’t be lost!

7. Start a photo diary

We all have camera phones, but how often do you print those memories and frame them? Invest in a cute photo diary and print out your favorite snapshots of your children. Add a few notes on the back of the photo to remember what happened that day!

8. Set up a lemonade stand

Teach your children the value of a dollar by setting up a lemonade stand. Help your kids with the setup of the stand, and let them take the reins of making the lemonade. No one can resist a 50-cent cup of freshly squeezed lemonade!

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