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9 Indoor Summertime Activities for Kids

It’s officially the best time of the year — summertime! Although the sun is shining and school is officially out for a few months, there are inevitably going to be long days where it’s too hot or rainy for your kids to play outside. Instead of resorting to their smartphones or plopping themselves on the couch in front of the TV, encourage your kids to explore their creativity with these 9 fun kids crafts! These will beat the boredom blues!

1. Sidewalk chalk storytelling

If you have an unfinished basement, this one is for you! Put those uncarpeted floors to use with sidewalk chalk. As a kid, it’s a great feeling being told you can draw inside the house with no repercussions! Suggest creating a story using the chalk — don’t forget to capture the adorable moment with a photo!

2. DIY rope keychains

Who doesn’t love a fun craft that you can actually put to use? Give your kids the fun of summer camp without even leaving your home with braided tassel key chains. Teach them the art of braiding and take a trip down memory lane.

3. Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss is a fun game for all ages! With the option of playing indoors or outdoors, bean bag toss is a great game to get your kids engaged. Try mixing up the teams with an adult and a kid – you’ll have loads of fun!

4. Homemade finger paints

Ditch the store and create your own finger paint! Using ingredients from your own pantry (hello, cornstarch and food coloring), mix and match fun colors and paint away. Give your kids the joy of creating a fun mess, without the waste of expensive paints.

5. Build a fort

Sometimes kids need a little space to themselves. Draping blankets over a few chairs or hanging a sheet from the ceiling, help your kids build their perfect fort. Whether they want to read or play, forts are a perfect way to get your kids involved in the action.

6. Hand-painted bracelets

Encourage your kids’ creative side with fun, customizable wooden bracelets. Don’t have wooden bracelets? You can also paint wooden boxes! With a little tape and craft paint, the design possibilities are endless!

7. Felt veggie garden

Not only an educational tool for teaching your kids where their food comes from, but also a fun craft! Cut out vegetable shapes from felt and attach them to a paper board. A felt veggie garden is both adorable and a fun way to get kids learning!

8. Indoor tape racetrack

Do you have a car lover in your family? Put the pedal to the metal and build a fun racetrack out of tape on your floor. Your kids will be occupied for hours on those yucky summer days!

9. Build glove monsters

Let’s face it, we all have a stash of single gloves missing their mates. Instead of them taking up space, put them to use as a fun craft. Transform them into silly monsters with a little glue, buttons, felt, and sparkles!

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