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Agent vs. FSBO: Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent for Your Next Sale

When it’s time to sell your house, you have two options. The first and most common choice is to hire a real estate agent to help walk you through the process. This helps the sale go faster and more efficiently, especially for first time sellers. However, some homeowners consider taking on the process without professional guidance. For sale by owner, or FSBO, has a lot of risks and very little benefits. In the long run, choosing The Degnan Group to sell your house can save you time, money, and stress.

Read our comparison of selling with an agent vs. FSBO below to learn more about each option, and why you should sell your next house with a professional by your side.

Save Time

The first reason why you should hire a real estate agent at The Degnan Group for your next sale is that agents help you save time throughout the process.

Real estate agents have often been in the business for years, and here at The Degnan Group, we have over 150 years of combined experience. That means we have plenty of connections in the industry to contact to get your home sold fast. Agents also vet potential buyers so you don’t waste time negotiating with people who aren’t serious or can’t afford the purchase.

Sellers who try to manage buyer meetings and walk-throughs are often constrained by their 9-to-5 jobs and other obligations, and have a hard time selling their house on top of an already full schedule. Agents are available to buyers anytime of the day to ensure your house can be seen by anyone who is interested. They also set up meetings and open houses to see buyers faster, get more bids, and sell your home quicker.

Did you know that on average, FSBO homes take 19 to 68 more days to sell than a home listed by a real estate agent? Here at The Degnan Group, we know your time is valuable and are ready to help you sell quickly so you can move on to your new house and the next chapter of your life.

Real estate agents are experts and have closed sales hundreds of times. They understand the paperwork, finances, and negotiations required and can streamline the process to get it done quickly and efficiently. Selling on your own means navigating the foreign terms and maze of requirements alone and opening yourself up to the risk of making a major mistake during the process.

Reduce Stress

Choosing to sell your home with a real estate agent instead of FSBO will also reduce stress in more ways than one.

Working with an agent provides peace of mind. Selling a home is a huge monetary transaction, often encompassing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why take a risk to sell it on your own? With a price tag that high, going with a professional will ensure that every step of the way is painless. You won’t have any sleepless nights worrying about all of the things that agents take care of, like ensuring you set the right price, navigating negotiations with buyers, and dealing with all the meetings and paperwork involved in the closing process.

Did you know that real estate agents can help you after the closing as well? If you sell on your own, you might be blindsided months down the road when the buyer calls with questions about contract clauses, warranties, or property taxes. If you sell with an agent, it only takes one quick call to help understand and resolve the issues with a professional by your side.

Save Money

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, selling a home with a real estate agent can save you money in the long run. Although the agent receives a commission on the sale, you can still come out ahead with more money than you would have received in an FSBO sale. How?

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is setting the right price. If you set yours too high, your home may sit for months. Too low, and it’ll be snapped up before you realize you lost tens of thousands of dollars on the sale. Real estate agents are professionals, and they’ll review comps, inspect any upgrades you’ve made, and make sure you set a price that strikes the perfect balance in earning a fair price and selling in a timely manner.

Don’t just take our word for it. Statistics show that homes listed by real estate agents sell for $41,000 more on average than FSBO homes. Even with the commission, it’s clear you’ll make more money if you choose to work with an agent from the Degnan Group.

Selling with a real estate agent will make sure your home is sold fast. Often families move and purchase a house while still in the process of selling their old one. In that case, you don’t want to be stuck paying two mortgages for months while your old home sits on the market without any interested buyers. Using an agent means a quicker sale and less money spent during the process.

When selling with a real estate agent and FSBO are compared, it is clear that one method comes out on top in every category. Selling on your own is an unnecessary risk, especially when so much money is involved. Instead, work with a professional agent from The Degnan Group, and save time, money, and stress on your next home sale.

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