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    12 Great Gifts for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away

    By Keith Degnan | June 24, 2020

    Buying going away gifts for neighbors can be tricky, since you don’t always necessarily know exactly what they would like. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for neighbors who are moving away though, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the ideal going away present... Read More

    13 Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Unhealthy

    By Keith Degnan | March 16, 2020

    While we are spending so much time indoors these days, make sure to keep an eye on these mistakes to ensure you’re living in as clean of a space as possible. 1. Wearing Shoes Inside the House Not only is wearing shoes indoors a health risk, but it can also increase allergens. Wet leaves bring... Read More

    8 Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas for Families

    By Keith Degnan | March 6, 2020

    Disneyland, the beach, camping … just a few of the many places your kids would nominate as a vacation destination this spring break. But staying home? B-O-R-I-N-G. So how do you sell a staycation to your little ones? And not spend a ton of money? Fill it with fun and adventure. Check out these eight... Read More

    9 Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness

    By Keith Degnan | February 7, 2020

    As winter plods along, you may wish you could just hibernate until spring. But there is, indeed, joy to be found in the quieter months of the year. While the trend may have come and gone in the U.S., the art of hygge, that feeling of being ultra-cozy and content, is just part of everyday... Read More

    8 Super Fun Summer Activities For Kids

    By Keith Degnan | August 15, 2019

    As we close in on the end of the summer season, it’s important to utilize the longer days and time spent with our kids before they head back to school in the fall. That means bring on the fun summer activities and get outdoors! Sunny days, ice cream, swimming, and playing. Pack up a bag... Read More

    5 Delicious Summer Pasta Salads

    By Keith Degnan | July 24, 2019

    Summer nights means family barbecues by the river and enjoying time spent with one another. From hotdogs and hamburgers to delicious s’mores and pies, what’s your go-to meal for summer nights? If you’re scratching your head drawing a blank, allow us to jog your inspiration with these delicious summer salad recipes. An added bonus, they... Read More

    9 Indoor Summertime Activities for Kids

    By Keith Degnan | July 3, 2019

    It’s officially the best time of the year — summertime! Although the sun is shining and school is officially out for a few months, there are inevitably going to be long days where it’s too hot or rainy for your kids to play outside. Instead of resorting to their smartphones or plopping themselves on the... Read More

    Festive Ways to Upgrade Your Fourth of July Fun

    By Keith Degnan | June 24, 2019

    At The Degnan Group at Key Realty, we love celebrating holidays. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get together with friends and family and be festive? And what better holiday to celebrate than the Fourth of July? To commemorate the independence of our country, Fourth of July is known for its explosive fireworks, waving American... Read More

    The 8 Greatest Things About Living in the Midwest

    By Keith Degnan | June 13, 2019

    There’s a homey ring to the word, “Midwest.” A place where the friendliest people call home and where you can enjoy the gorgeous summers and picturesque winters, Ohio is the perfect place to plant your roots. Home to many historical figures, cheese curds, the Great Lakes, and countless professional sports teams, what more could you... Read More

    5 Best Summer Adventures in Toledo

    By Keith Degnan | May 16, 2019

    The Degnan Group at Key Realty is proud of our Toledo roots and love to celebrate our local businesses. We came across this blog written by local healthcare provider, Mercy Health, on the best outdoor actives of the summer and had to share it with you all! Remember, give us a call or visit us... Read More