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    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Renovation Damage?

    By Keith Degnan | November 18, 2019

    Part of the thrill of a renovation is dreaming up a brand-new look for your home. The best part of the process is, of course, walking through the finished rooms and settling into your new space. But that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if any damage occurs during the process. Falling ladders, broken... Read More

    6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Title Insurance Provider

    By Keith Degnan | November 11, 2019

    Shopping for title insurance may not be the most thrilling step in buying a house, but it is one of the most important. Before you can own a home, or “take title” to a property, most lenders will require a title search of public property records to make sure there aren’t any issues in transferring... Read More

    Don’t Be Haunted by These 6 Scary Mistakes When Hosting Trick-or-Treaters

    By Keith Degnan | October 31, 2019

    When it comes to Halloween night, some of us prefer to turn off the TV and all the lights and pretend that nobody’s home (don’t hate—we know you’ve done it, too). But others of us live for this one electric evening when we get to take in the costumes and the joy as we hand... Read More

    5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Co-Sign a Mortgage

    By Keith Degnan | October 27, 2019

    If you’re considering co-signing a mortgage—say, to help your grown kids buy their first house—it’s wise to take a step back and consider whether this move makes sense. Sure, you’re helping a loved one purchase property, but this type of arrangement could also pose a risk to your own finances (not to mention your relationship... Read More

    How To Make Moving Less Stressful

    By Keith Degnan | October 18, 2019

    The idea of moving can sound like a great adventure, but for most people, the actual process of moving is a giant headache, or much worse. In fact, a lot of people equate it to some of life’s biggest annoyances. In a recent Comcast Xfinity survey, 19% of respondents said they would rather get a... Read More

    How to Paint Laminate Countertops

    By Keith Degnan | October 9, 2019

    New kitchen countertops can be an expensive upgrade. Transform your kitchen without breaking the bank by priming and painting your existing laminate counters. Materials Needed 220-grit sandpaper painter’s tape 9” paint roller 9” foam roller cover paint tray primer for glossy surfaces water-based acrylic paint for countertops high-gloss acrylic topcoat paint mineral spirits (for cleaning... Read More

    Sell The Benefits of Your Smaller Home

    By Keith Degnan | September 30, 2019

    If you’re looking at the undulating real estate scene and think your smaller-than-average-home has no shot, think again. Your house is the perfect fit for a lot of people. Anyone looking to save on utilities, taxes and yard work — from first-time buyers to baby boomers to the eco-minded — is going small. Plus, the idea of average is... Read More

    Don’t Neglect These 6 Maintenance Tasks Before Selling Your Home

    By Keith Degnan | September 24, 2019

    If you’re a homeowner, you already know that keeping your property in tiptop shape requires dedication and patience for ongoing maintenance. But what if you’ve put your home on the market, or even accepted an offer? Perhaps you’re thinking: Not my problem anymore. Sorry, folks, we’ve got news for you: Just because you’re selling doesn’t mean you’re off... Read More

    Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

    By Keith Degnan | September 18, 2019

    Whether your bathroom is large or small, these savvy storage ideas will help you add space and stay organized. Utilize Awkward Space Forgoing a vanity for a floating sink looks more modern, but doesn’t add much in the way of storage. Hanging a floating shelf below the sink keeps with the airy feel while also... Read More

    5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Fixer-Upper

    By Keith Degnan | September 12, 2019

    Thinking about buying a fixer-upper? Join the club. Blame it on the popularity of renovation reality TV or just the fact that people are searching for deals, but many home buyers are willing to purchase a property in need of major repairs. One survey by Clever Real Estate found that 67% of millennial home shoppers... Read More