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Parents, Consider These 7 Things BEFORE You Buy a Property

House hunting can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to keep in mind and stay on top of, like home inspections, closing costs, and plenty of meetings… along with your family’s already busy schedule.

Through all the craziness, it’s easy to miss the small but important details. Before you buy a property, make sure you consider these seven tips from The Degnan Group to make sure it’s the best house for your family.

1. School Districts

Every parent wants the best for their kids, especially when it comes to education. When you’re considering new houses, map out which neighborhoods serve each school, and only visit homes in the districts you are considering. Even if you are planning to send your children to private schools outside of the system, buying a home in a good school district is important to keep in mind, if only for future resale value.

2. Yard Size

Every apartment dweller dreams of buying a home with a big yard for the kids to run around in, but that dream usually doesn’t include all the yard work that comes with it. When you’re buying your next property, make sure you carefully consider the size of the yard.

One that’s too big could require a lot of labor or incur extra costs from extensive yard work requirements. On the other hand, one that’s too small will crowd your kids and limit their outdoor space. Everyone is different, but it’s a good idea to consider the amount of work you’re willing to do before you buy a house with a yard.

3. Safety

Is your property in a safe neighborhood? Before you buy a house for your family, make sure it’s in a place where your kids will be able to play outside, safely wait for the bus, and make friends with the neighbors.

Get a feel for the area by talking to other families on the street and keeping an eye out for what the yards look like when you visit the home. Are there children outside playing, or is it a ghost town? If you see plenty running around, that’s a great sign, and also means your own kids will be able to meet and make friends in no time.

4. Indoor Space

Extra bedrooms are next on our list of things that every parent needs to consider before buying a home. Is there room for growth in your house? Even if you’re not planning to have any more kids, will the bedroom layout still work when yours become teenagers and young adults?

It’s always good to have an extra bedroom and expect the unexpected. If you do, the room can work as a guest bedroom if you have a long-term visitor, an office, or even a nursery if you decide you want to grow your family after all.

Enough indoor space will help decrease stress and let you rest easy knowing that anything can be accommodated without another move.

5. Privacy

Sometimes it feels like your kids will never grow up, but they’ll be teenagers in high school before you know it. When they are, will your house provide enough privacy for them? Will your teens have a place to host friends?

Whether it’s their bedroom, the basement, or an extra space, it’s important to make sure that the house that suits your needs now will also suit them as they change in the future.

6. Noise Levels

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep and being kept up by loud noises all night long. Now, imagine if this happened every night in your home? One of the most overlooked but most important things to consider before you buy a property is how loud it is.

Just because the house is quiet during a daytime visit doesn’t mean that it always is. If you’re serious about buying a home, visit at multiple times throughout the day to check the noise levels. Most importantly, stop by at night to see if there are planes flying overhead, loud trains and trucks, or inconsiderate neighbors that will prevent a restful night’s sleep!

7. Traffic

The last item on our list is traffic. Just like noise, the traffic in a neighborhood may seem fine when you visit. However, your quiet neighborhood road could be a common shortcut that gets busy during rush hour and endangers your children.

Also, think about your commute from the home. Does traffic get congested in the mornings and afternoons on your route to work? A long commute can cost hours of free time every week, so it’s important to make sure you know what you’re signing up for in the new house.

Let The Degnan Group Find the Right Fit For Your Family

There is a lot to keep organized throughout the home buying process. Luckily, The Degnan Group is here to help. You want to raise your family in the best house for your needs, and The Degnan Group can make that happen.

Let our team worry about these seven important details to find the perfect fit for you. Our experts will help you find a home that is quiet, spacious, safe, and everything else you need, so you can spend many happy years in it with your kids!

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