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The 8 Greatest Things About Living in the Midwest

There’s a homey ring to the word, “Midwest.” A place where the friendliest people call home and where you can enjoy the gorgeous summers and picturesque winters, Ohio is the perfect place to plant your roots. Home to many historical figures, cheese curds, the Great Lakes, and countless professional sports teams, what more could you ask for in a Midwestern state?

So if you’re on the fence about moving to the Midwest, let us entice you even more. Here are 8 reasons to make the move to the best part of the United States.

1. Tailgating is a serious passion

No matter your age or gender, tailgating is a serious passion of Midwesterners. Home to countless sports teams and dominant university athletics, you can make a weekend out of a fun tailgate and a home game. Even if you’re not a big fan of sporting events, you can still be a lover of tailgates.

2. BBQs, need I say more?

Hearty and always delicious, you can’t go wrong with a satisfying BBQ meal. We give southerners a run for their money with our grand-slam BBQ grill outs and restaurants that keep people begging for more. And dare I ask if you’ve had a Buckeye? They’re the perfect treat post-BBQ meal.

3. Breweries galore

You can’t drive many miles without running into a craft brewery. With over 100 top-rated breweries in the Midwest, you’re bound to find your favorite craft beer.

4. Music festivals

Who doesn’t love music? Especially when you can jam out on a warm summer night. The Midwest is home to some of the nations’ best music festivals. From Chicago’s Lollapalooza to Michigan’s Faster Horses three-day country music affair, there’s a festival for all genres.

5. Being with nature

There are endless ways to experience nature in the Midwest. Take a walk along one of the many rivers or take a drive up to the Great Lakes. An added bonus? Our glorious state parks will take your breath away.

6. Foodies rejoice

So much good food, so little time. The Midwest puts the West and East coasts to shame when it comes to curating delicious culinary cuisine. From James Beard-award nominated restaurants to local hole-in-the-wall finds, there’s food for all in the Midwest.

7. The best higher education

Can you say Go Buckeyes? Besides excellent schools such as University of Notre Dame and University of Chicago, the Midwest is home to all types of colleges and universities. Although we’re biased towards our homegrown Ohio State University, we’re proponents of receiving a good education anywhere in the Midwest.

8. A mix of city and country life

The Midwest has a perfect mix of country and city life for all walks of life to enjoy. If you’re into the big city living and the finer things that go along with it, the Midwest is home to numerous big cities that compete with the likes of New York City. But if you’re looking for relaxing getaway, you’re only a short drive away from the glorious countryside.

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