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The Complete Spring Cleaning Guide

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming… everyone loves spring until it’s time for spring cleaning. Instead of dreading crossing it off your to-do list, break it up into manageable pieces and try cleaning your house one room at a time this year. The Degnan Group is here to help you tackle this daunting task with the complete spring cleaning guide!

The Kitchen

Let’s start with one of the most difficult to clean, and get it crossed off the list early: the kitchen.

Begin with the fridge. Throw out anything old, expired, or rotten. Then empty the shelves and give them a deep clean. Next, do the same for the freezer. Afterward, make a list of everything you have in the freezer and use a magnet to stick it to the door, to help you remember all of the easy-to-prep meals you have.

After the fridge, it’s time to move on to the stove. Martha Stewart recommends soaking the racks in cola to clean the stovetop and using a baking soda and water mixture overnight in the oven to get it sparkling again.

Finally, it’s time for the rest of the room. Go through your pantry and cabinets and throw out or donate anything you don’t eat or use, like canned goods, plates, bowls, cracked mugs, old serving platters, etc. Organize all of the Tupperware with their lids, clean out the microwave, and give your counters a thorough wipe down. Finish the room by mopping the floors, and your kitchen will be ready for the spring season!

The Bathrooms

Next up are the bathrooms. While these should be cleaned weekly, there are some extra steps you can take each spring to get them extra clean.

For instance, you should take down your shower curtain and wash it, get up on a step stool and wipe the dust out of the fans and vents, and throw out anything that you don’t use daily. Old hair clips, half-used products, and more all need to go in the trash to free up counter and cabinet space for things you and your family need to store.

Finally, finish the bathrooms with your usual routine, and wipe down the toilets, mirrors, showers, and floors to complete your spring cleaning.

The Living Spaces

While cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms are daily and weekly chores, often the living spaces can get neglected. They are decluttered and picked up regularly, but how often are they really cleaned?

The first step to spring cleaning your living spaces is to throw out or donate anything you don’t use regularly. That means the knick-knacks on the side table, the chair that’s no longer comfortable, books you’ll never read, games with missing pieces, and anything else you haven’t touched in months or even years.

After that, continue through your normal routine with vacuuming and dusting. Next, it’s time to finish with some extra steps for the true deep clean that your home deserves. Take down and wash all of your curtains hanging in the windows, wash all of your windows inside and out, and even consider repainting the scuffs and scratches that have accumulated on your walls over the years. Polish all furniture and don’t forget to pay attention to the details, like wiping down the light switches and lamp shades.

The Bedrooms

Whether it’s just you or a whole family, chances are your bedroom could use a spring clean as well. Just like in the living spaces, the best place to start is with decluttering. Go into your closets and really consider the clothes, coats, shoes, and accessories you have clogging up your space. You should donate anything that you haven’t touched in a year or more.

After that, it’s time to wash all of your linens, rotate your mattress, and wipe down any and all surfaces in the room with warm soapy water. Clean the windows and sills, wash your curtains, and organize everything like the photos, clothes, and paperwork before you put it back in its place!

The Garage and Basement

Last but not least are the two places that get the least amount of love in a home: the garage and the basement. Of all the rooms in the house, these are the ones who tend to accumulate the most junk, because many of us have a bad habit of storing everything in them to deal with later. Well, later is now.

It’s time to either throw it all out or get organized. One great option is to and install new shelves to keep everything you want in its proper place, so it’s easier to access throughout the year.

You should also go through the garage and take the time to get the outdoor items ready for spring. Put air in the bike tires, recharge the batteries on anything that needs it, and box up the winter boots to make space for your summer shoes.

Finally, unpack and prep any outdoor furniture that had been stored for the winter so you and the family can enjoy it in the nice weather!

Spring Cleaning with The Degnan Group

Spring cleaning your home is a daunting task, but this complete guide from The Degnan Group will make it easier. Tackle your house one room at a time, and follow these steps to declutter, get organized, and make sure your home is fresh and clean for the new season!

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