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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Everyone knows moving day is a pain. You box everything up, spend hours unpacking, and usually lose a few things in the process. However, the process of moving actually requires a lot more than just one day of work and a large truck.

This checklist will walk you through all the steps you need to take before you move and one the day of the final event. Stay organized and make sure your next move is a breeze with The Degnan Group’s checklist!

Take These Steps Before You Move

In the weeks leading up to your move, there’s a lot of work to do. Take a look at these important steps and don’t leave them until it’s too late.


Make sure you have extra money budgeted for the move because unexpected costs like an extra night in the hotel, tips for movers, and more can crop up. Additionally, talk to your insurance company to make sure you understand if your items will be covered in transit or if you need another policy. Finally, you may also need to change banks depending on how local or national the bank you use is. Head into a branch to get the process started before you go.


First, all of your insurance policies, including your cars, will need to be moved over to the new home. Second, fill out “change of address forms” for credit card companies, utilities, schools, sports teams, and more. Make sure to turn off your cable and internet. Cancel or change your subscriptions and turn off your mail service.


If your move isn’t nearby, you’ll need to change doctors. That includes for you and your kids, specialists like eyes or allergists, and a new veterinarian for the pets. If the move is part of a job change, make sure you understand your new insurance policy when you look for new offices. Get a final checkup for everyone before you go.


The most important step you can take is to keep your move organized with all of your information and receipts in one folder. Research and choose a moving company with a good reputation, then schedule the date of the move and begin to pack. As you pack, label boxes clearly with the rooms they’ll go in in the new house and make time to clean your home thoroughly or schedule a cleaning company for the job.

It’s a good idea to pack a separate bag with everything you’ll need during the moving days, like a change of clothes, your wallet, snacks, and your moving folder with all of the information. Complete your payment to the moving company, confirm the meeting time at the new home, and have a clear plan for the movers to unload the boxes into each designated room to help make the unpacking process more efficient.


If your kids are old enough to help, make a checklist for each of them and give them jobs leading up to the move like packing their rooms, donating old clothes, cleaning the house, and more. Ensure that they are enrolled in the new school and consider a final “going away” get together with their friends before you leave.

If you have pets, put a plan for them in place before moving day. Organize their transport gear and pack up pet food and crates where it will be easily accessible once you arrive. Finally, ensure you book a pet-friendly hotel or make arrangements ahead of time with friends and family to accommodate them.

Remember This On the Day of the Move

On moving day, it’s time to think about the little things. Do a final walkthrough with your family to look for anything important that’s left behind. Hand over the keys to your real estate agent and make sure that all windows are closed, the water is turned off, and lights are shut off before you go. Double check the locks, take out the trash and then say your goodbyes.

Throughout the day, stay in contact with the movers and clearly convey your wishes for the unloading process. Neatly labeled boxes will help this go much more smoothly.

Finally, it’s time to get your house ready to be lived in. Replace light bulbs, plug in the appliances, and turn on the water and electricity. It’s also a good idea to make a designated spot for your essentials, like keys and wallet, so they don’t get lost in the new home.

Use This Checklist To Simplify Your Move

Staying organized is key to a successful move, and that starts long before moving day. Begin getting your affairs in order weeks before the moving date and you won’t be stuck rushing with last minute errands. This checklist will help you stay in control and tackle the moving process step by step.

Are you ready for the challenge? Begin your house hunt with the experienced realtors at The Degnan Group, and then make the move into your new dream home with this checklist on hand!

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