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Which Home Upgrades Are Worth the Money?

Real estate is expensive — fact. Right after buying your dream home, you have to worry about maintaining and keeping up the inside and outside, which can be equally as pricey. But when you’re looking to sell your home, how do you make your house stand out from the rest? The markets are tough and making your home stand out from the rest is very important to increase your chances of a quick sale. So what are you going to do to create an inviting space for potential buyers?

According to a recent Zillow Research article, there are a certain home upgrades that are worth it, and some that fall flat. Follow these “Worth It” and “Not Worth It” home upgrade tips to sell your home fast!

Worth It:

Curb Appeal Upgrades

Make sure your exterior paint is up to date and your landscaping is clean and pristine. Did you know some home colors can actually decrease the value of your home? Look into paint selection before you make your decision. Other curb appeal projects include new garage doors and deck improvements. They may cost a bit up front, but the ROI will make the investment worth it.


No one likes an old and dirty bathroom. Upgrade your toilets, light fixtures, and add double sinks. You don’t have to break the bank on all of these upgrades, but create a bathroom that’s both inviting and sleek.


Avoid high-end window installments as they’re not cost-efficient and don’t pay off in the end. Install new windows with middle range selections.

Interior Decor

There is a reason why people hire stagers. By choosing popular on-trend design elements inside your home, you can make potential buyers fall in love with the space. Keep things simple and modern with upgraded accent pillows and design elements.

Not Worth It:


Contrary to popular belief, kitchens are not a make or break room for home buyers. The Zillow research study found that kitchen upgrades are in fact, not lucrative and most of the time, the renovations are too costly to receive a profit in the end.


The least profitable upgrade goes to the basement. In fact, many potential home buyers look for unfinished basements to create their own dream space and use it as they like.

Before you commit to upgrading your home and putting it on the market, make sure to contact The Degnan Group at Key Realty for the most up-to-date do’s and don’ts on home improvements. Our experienced agents make us Toledo’s go-to real estate agency when it comes to selling or buying a new home. Contact us today at (419)345-7808 to get started!

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